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Product Name: Ethanol

CAS NO: 64-17-5

Ethanol: C2H6O, simple structure of CH3CH2OH or C2H5OH, "Alcohol" or " Ethyl Alcohol

Purity: 95% and 99% Ethyl alcohol / Ethanol

Produce Method: Food fermentation

Grade: Tech grade, Pharma grade and Food grade


Product name99.5% Min Ethanol99% Min Ethanol
Ethanol Strength/%(v/v) at 20 deg CMin 99.5%Min 99%
AppearanceClear, Bright, Free suspended matterClear, Bright, Free suspended matter
Aldehyde (as aceltaldehyde)Max 10mg/lMax 20mg/l
Acidity (as acetic acid)Max 10 mg/lMax 15 mg/l
Propyl alcoholMax 50 mg/lMax 100 mg/l
MethanolMax 50 mg/lMax 100 mg/l
Evaporation residueMax 20 mg/lMax 25 mg/l
Permanganate time at 15 deg CMin 20 minutesMin 25 minutes


It is widely used in national defense industry, chemical industry, medical and health industry, food industry, industrial and agricultural production.


1. Preparing raw materials of dye, paint, detergent and other products;

2. Used as cosmetic, printing ink, paint remover, antifreezer, fuel, etc.;

3. Use ethanol to produce acetic acid, beverage, essence, dyes, etc.;

4. Can be used for preparing acetaldehyde, ethyl ether, ethyl acetate, ethyl amine and other chemical raw materials.

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