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API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) refers to the active ingredients contained in medicines. For example, analgesics contain active ingredients that relieve pain. This is called API.

An active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the part of any medicine that produces the desired effect. Some medicines (such as combination therapy) have multiple active ingredients that can treat different symptoms or work in different ways.

Due to the similar usage of these two terms, API and raw materials are often confused. What's the difference? Raw materials refer to compounds used as the basis for manufacturing APIs.

First, as an API manufacturer, we consider how to make a compound that becomes an API in the laboratory.

We make APIs, and drug manufacturers use APIs to make drugs. In addition to API, the drug also contains a variety of pharmaceutical excipients.

All drugs are composed of two core components-API (as the main ingredient) and excipients (substances other than drugs that help deliver drugs to the system). Excipients are chemically inert substances, such as lactose or mineral oil in tablets.

API Manufacturer

The role of active ingredient manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry is changing rapidly and is expected to develop further in the future. For example, biotechnology is still in its infancy and may radically change the definition of manufactured products and active ingredients. The pharmaceutical industry is always changing: changes in the complexity of pharmaceuticals, competitive pressures from India and China, and new developments in the dosage form market brought about by new regulations all affect API manufacturers. As the pharmaceutical industry develops, the most successful API manufacturers will be those that can quickly adapt to industry needs and global pressures.

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