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Veterinary Drug

Veterinary raw materials

Veterinary drugs: substances used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or purposeful regulation of animal physiology (medical feed additives).

Veterinary drugs mainly include: serum products, vaccines, diagnostic products, micro-ecological products, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese patent medicines, chemicals, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, radiopharmaceuticals and external pesticides, disinfectants, etc.

Our veterinary medicine raw materials can be made into animal medicineFor the product category of veterinary drug raw materials, we are a professional manufacturer in China, a supplier/factory of veterinary drug raw materials and animal drugs, and we have complete after-sales service and technical support. 

Characteristics of veterinary raw materials:

1) All these materials are provided at reasonable prices.

2) There is no pollution and the chemical formula is correct

3) High quality.

4) These are all well packed in tamper-proof packaging materials.

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